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Photographs of Malta's buses have been taken since the first motor buses appeared on the island in 1905. Below is a list of websites that feature photographs of Malta's buses. This list will be added to as time permits and as other site owners 

A number of photographers are known to have visited the islands over the past who have yet to give permission for their photos to appear online. In a number of cases these photographs have been scanned with permission of the photograph owner, but the permission of use is restricted, for example for "private use", or to appear in a printed magazine.

IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT NOTICE - Photographs mostly remain the copyright of the person who took the photograph. Therefore whilst permission will have been given to the owners of the websites below to display a copy of the photograph, the copyright ownership remains with the photographer. Please do not make illegal copies of the photographs, or post them to other online groups without written permission of the copyright owner. Posting a link to the webpage that the photograph appears on is normally permissable.  For more about image copyright ownership and guidance please click on this button.

Copyright Guidance
  1. Chairman Chad
    Chairman Chad
    The Flickr Collection of Richard Stedall covering his various Maltese bus images taken from 1992 to current times. Curated by : Richard Stedall.
  2. "Maltese Buses"
    "Maltese Buses"
    The largest photo reference website that covers not only Maltese buses and coaches, but all aspects of Maltese transport. Curated by Keith Till.
  3. Malta&Gozo Buses
    Malta&Gozo Buses
    A large selection of photographs taken by Chris and colleagues over recent years. Curated by : Chris Maxfield.
  4. Johann Tonna
    Johann Tonna
    Johann has over the years recorded in great detail the refurbishment of Malta's traditional buses, plus also, taken photos of other transport topics. Curated by : Johann Tonna.
Maltese Buses
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Malta & Gozo Buses
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Richard's Flickr Site
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Johann's Flickr Site
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